Diadema Diadema arises from the desire of breaking away from tradition but in the respect of the tradition itself. The wish of breaking away from tradition can be summed up in the creation of a wine bottle and then also of a champagne bottle that differ remarkably from any other ever designed before, surprising you first with the beauty of the container but even more so with the outstanding quality of its content. Diadema’s respect of tradition, on the other hand, is highlighted by the fact that wine is among the most ancient alcoholic beverages, that Villa Olmo has been in the family of the creator of Diadema ever since 1735 and that Impruneta has always meant wine, oil and terracotta. Each and every detail of the label has been carefully attended to and obtained thanks to the collaboration of the best craftsmen we could find on the market for each single component: - SWAROVSKI Crystals - Label moulds are made by the most leading edge Italian technology companies - A leader company in the sector makes the glue used for our labels the glue has been invented by the aeronautical industry - The most skilled artisans in the sector deal with inserting the crystals on the vintage year and label. - Before applying the label to the bottle, our Estate carries out quality control on each single piece. Diadema is a registered trademark and a patented idea.