Champagne Serge Mathieu

Champagne Serge Mathieu Serge Mathieu continues to supervise the winemaking. He has been assisted in his task by Michel Jacob for the past few years. From harvest to the ageing of the wines, the choices made in the winemaking process revolve around the will to have true and fruit-driven flavours that have had time to develop. Techniques remain traditional, but efforts are made at every step of the process to preserve the initial quality of the fruit by treating it carefully. And once they are made, the wines are given extended ageing in the cellars. This is rare enough in Champagne and almost unique for such a small house. The result is that only minimal quantities of sugar need to be added at the dosage stage, thus preserving the natural freshness of the aromas.

  • Blanc de Noirs

    Champagne Serge Mathieu

    Staranje v steklenici: primeren za pitje, lahko pa ga starate 2 do 3 leta

    31,50 €

  • Brut Millesime 2006

    Champagne Serge Mathieu

    The nose shows perfect maturity in a powerful bouquet.

    42,00 €

  • Brut Prestige

    Champagne Serge Mathieu

    A fine and complex nose that mingles dried fruit, tropical flowers and clear-cut fruit aromas...

    35,00 €

  • Brut Rose

    Champagne Serge Mathieu

    The nose is clear-cut with savory aromas of fresh strawberries and pomegranates. On the palate, flavours of small red berry fruit are carried by a lively...

    39,06 €

    Reduced price!

  • Brut Select

    Champagne Serge Mathieu

    poln, bogat, suho sadje, kruhova skorja, zreli citrusi

    45,00 €