Champagne Salon

Champagne Salon Salon, aesthete and amateur of Champagne, who in the 1911s created the perfect Champagne initially for his and his own friends’ consumption, has left in Salon a precious legacy. Salon is a unique Champagne. All the emphasis in the production of this exceptional wine is on the singular. It was originally the product of one single man, Aimé Salon ; from one single region, the Côte de Blancs ; from one single cru, le Mesnil-sur-Oger ; from one single grape variety, Chardonnay ; and from one single vintage, with no blending whatsoever. Uniqueness is also perfection : nothing can be left to chance in order to obtain the exceptional wine that is Champagne Salon, and to take advantage of what nature, the soil and the climate give us : purity, character and individualism in the wine that needs careful nuturing so that it blooms after long years of ageing. Such is the ongoing quest carried out by those who create Salon today.