Movia Mr. Aleš Kristančič can be called a leader in producing wine in Slovenia. World known for his charisma energy and commitment. When speaking of wine his word are filled with emotions.
He has 2 brands; - Vila Marija stands for fresh wine, full of life playfulness and spark. - Movia represents rich wine, a product of hard work, time and devotion. And all this makes it more precious.

  • Pinot Noir 2009


    If, however, fruity, "jammy" aromas prevail (forest fruits, sour cherry, cherry), then we're on the right track. But then we have to be patient and perseverant....

    40,00 €

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2010


    Cabernet Sauvignon is mainly characterized by the strength and body this variety is capable of developing on our soil. Though this wine is as full-bodied as a Pinot...

    25,00 €

  • Exto Gredič 2012


    The wine is lightly greenish-yellow in color, dry, rich in alcohol, with an unobtrusive and rather gentle bouquet reminiscent of almond and meadow flowers. Although...

    13,00 €