Marjan Simčič

Marjan Simčič This cellar has always been on top. But lately their achievement is amaizing. Very confident wine producer. Wine is elegant, pure. White etiquette means fresh, pure wine, full of charm, reserve represents what Mr. Simčič realy stands for, great wine.

Wine selected by world best restaurants. It will be even better after 5 years in a bottle.

  • Chardonnay Selekcija 2011

    Marjan Simčič

    Deep yellow colour with a cast of gold. A rich, dry wine, with an unassuming bouquet of vanilla and tropical fruit - melon and guava - developing into a moderate...

    16,70 €

  • Limited edition - wooden box 6 bottles

    Marjan Simčič

    Limited quantities of this boxes witch contain:Pinot Noir 2003Pinot Noir 2004Ribolla 2003Ribolle 2004Sauvignon 2002Sauvignon...

    300,00 €

  • Rebula selekcija 2009

    Marjan Simčič

    yellow, straw-coloured, with a shade of gold. A complex bouquet with a fragrant hint of ripe citrus, dried fruit, cedar, buttered toast.

    16,50 €

  • Teodor Red selekcija 2008

    Marjan Simčič

    Dark velvety red colour, still solid and young. The mature and warm bouquet is a combination of several different aromas - that of dark berries, jams, tobacco and...

    34,40 €

  • Ribolla Opoka 2010

    Marjan Simčič

    Fresh, well-balanced between alcohol and acids announcing longevity. Peristent and very complex taste tending to mature grape.

    36,00 €

  • Pinot Noir Selekcija 2011

    Marjan Simčič

    The bouquet is of cherry liqueur, excellent cask and orange peel. It has the taste of very ripe fruit, especially cherries; a fresh and lovely tartness; pleasantly...

    20,50 €

  • Sauvignon selection 2010

    Marjan Simčič

    An intense golden colour invites to discover rich aromas and a well-developed body. Slow ageing in the cask draws out complex notes ranging from sage to paprika,...

    16,50 €

  • Pinot Grigio 2013

    Marjan Simčič

    Yellow with a rosy and light golden tint. Intense and complex aroma. A flowery bouquet develops over time into fruit and spice. A soft, mature and fruity initial...

    8,45 €

    Reduced price!

  • Chardonnay 2012

    Marjan Simčič

    Clear yellow colour. Nicely composed wine of medium body with an intense and complex aroma. 

    9,40 €