Restaurante "Restaurant" is the third generation of stems, developed for the use of restaurants and hotels. It is reserved exclusively for on premise use and is not available for retail. The bowls feature fine, thin polished rims directing the sip of wine precisely to the right taste zone. The special non-lead glass composition makes it dishwasher proof. The diameter of the elegant, rounded seamless stem, has been developed and tested to support the day to day rough use of the on premise sector. The balanced wide base gives the glass a "standing" and an elegant appearance. "Restaurant" caters for the general on premise market. Now every licensed restaurant which cares about wine service will be able to upgrade its glass culture to its advantage. Statistics prove that Riedel glasses sell more wine: consumer enjoyment creates demand. This results in a triple benefit: for the consumer, for the restaurateur and for the wine industry. The Riedel “Restaurant”-collection is only available to the Restaurant Trade - not available in stores.