Van Zellers

Van Zellers Cristiano Van Zeller left the family firm (Quinta do Noval) in 1993 to produce his own wine. In 1996 he acquired Quinta do Vale Dona Maria and began an ongoing job of reconstruction and replanting. Early vintages were made and stored at Dirk Niepoort’s quinta. Many of the mixed grape vineyards are over fifty years old and the Ports are trodden by foot in traditional stone lagares.

The richness of the Douro Region and the wines produced there can and should be promoted using the very aspects that make it unique in the world; its geography, soil and climate, the numerous different high quality native grape varieties, the different style of wines those grapes can produce (from all styles of Port to white and red still wines), all the different vineyards (Quintas), and their ancient history.

Quinta Vale D. Maria

  • Quinta Vale D. Maria red 2011

    Van Zellers

    Tasting notesA very elegant and a very fresh wine, with good color, violet, dark red and purple, with a good concentration of mature dark red fruit aromas,...

    48,00 €

  • Ruby port

    Van Zellers

    Bright ruby and clear, it is ready to drink once bottled. Van Zellers Ruby Port makes a delicious dessert wine and is the perfect finish to any meal. Serve lightly...

    9,90 €

  • Casal de Loivos 2010

    Van Zellers

    Vinha de Casal de Loivos Douro Reds are very delicate and balanced wines, with mature red fruit aromas and soft tannins, well balanced acidity and fine wood...

    29,90 €

  • Rufo 2011

    Van Zellers

    With a medium concentration of sugars and good acidity levels, Rufo do Vale D. Maria 2010 is an elegant and very fresh wine, with strong aromatic and fruity flavors...

    8,70 €

    Reduced price!

  • Quinta Vale D. Maria vintage port 2011

    Van Zellers

    Quinta Vale D. Maria 2011 Vintage Port has a very deep red colour with violet and purple nuances. It is tremendously concentrated withmature red fruit aromas...

    41,90 €