Vinakoper Although the styling of our headquarters shows the signs of the Fifties - when the building was constructed - it hides an authentic Istrian wine cellar inside; built of the typical Istrian limestone, brought to the construction site from the vineyards that were undergoing renovation. The largest portion of the cellar has been built inside the slope of the Hill of Škocjan, while the ground floor has been completely entrenched into the soil. Natural construction materials offer many advantages; the most important of all is the relatively constant temperature inside the cellar. Annual temperature swings therefore do not exceed 10°C. Summer temperatures are never higher than 18°C, while in winter they never fall below 8°C, thus creating the best conditions for ageing and storing our wines. The cellar has two floors. The ground floor - the part of the cellar open to the public - comprises the cellars with wood barrels (the Small Cellar, the Black Cellar, the White Cellar and the Knights' Room) and the cellar with the non-oxidizing containers. The first floor of our cellars is not open to visitors. We use it to age sparkling wine made with the classical or the charmat methods. The total capacity of our cellar is around 7 million litres of wine.