Ščurek It's hard to decide time, when the Ščurek family start winemaking, but it's easy to say, that tradition is going from father to son. Today runs cellar and wine yards father Ivan and his son Stojan with help of his five sons.

  • Stara brajda red 2010


    Ruby red colour, aromas reminds ou on ripe red fruits, spices and undergrowth. On the palette you can feel light tannins, full wine with nice and long after taste....

    22,40 €

  • UP 2007


    Colour is ruby red, aromas reminds us on ripe red friuts, spices, wood and tobacco. On the palette is full-bodied with nice ripe tanins and long elegant finish. You...

    44,90 €

  • Strune White 2013


    With a yellow and green color, this wine has the aromas of fresh fruit (citrus, peach...) and fresh grasses. In the mouth the wine is very youthful, fruity, with a...

    8,90 €

  • Strune Red 2012


    This purple colored wine with ruby red shades features the aromas of forest fruits, cherries and undergrowth. It has a fresh and fruity taste with a nice...

    8,99 €