Tittarelli Tittarelli is one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in Argentina. It was etsablished in 1915 by Don Enrique Tittarelli, after he came from Italy. Later, his son Patricio expanded the business, making it a pioneer of the Argentine viticulture. Currently it is in the hands of the ECIPSA group (Argentinian and foreign capital), forming the Tittarelli VOSA, a company that gives its name and prestigious character to its products: wine and olive oil. Tittarelli has its estates and wineries in Rivadavia in Mendoza. Its lands, the desert and mountains cover 2.000 hectares, of which 100 are vineyards, between 35 to 50 years old. In addition, it has 80 hectares of olive plants, the majority of which are very old. The company also has two wineries with a total capacity of 13 million litres. Its wines are of excellent quality and sold under different brand names: Tittarelli and Bodega Uno, which specializes in Italian stock. In addition, there are the Finca el Retiro top quality wines created especially for the international market.

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