Pullus Pullus is a project through which Ptujska Klet, unveiled the concept of changes it has set out for this millenium. These changes began years ago in our vineyards, and the most recent took place in 2007, when a new name was created for wines from Ptujska Klet. Pullus wines from Ptujska Klet have preserved all the characteristics of the renowned Haloze and Slovenska Gorica vineyard sites. At the same time, they've taken on a livelier character, and delightfully flirt with those in search of wine flavours and aromas and freshness. They have become more playful in culinary experiences, and provide a welcome solution for otherwise unimaginative everyday and holiday dishes.

  • Traminec G 2008


    Traminer Pullus G 2008 seduces with its typical full flavours and scents which carry us away to the tropical spices and scents, such as litchi, dried manadarin...

    13,20 €

  • Rose brut 2010


    The Rose sprakling wine is created using the method champenoise.

    9,25 €