Primosic In 1979 Primosic built a new cellar, which is still today the headquarters of the winery. In 1989 the programme relating to quality selection was started, leading to the production of those prestigious wines, which right in their names (Klin or the Gmajne line) echo the ancient oral tradition and the historical definitions of the allotments that were to be used for the Primosic grapes. Ten years later, in 1999, the business was reorganised, aiming at an expansion and modernisation of the structures. That has been an important step to support the project of zoning the best crus. In 2003 the business concentrated on further improving the high level achieved. The utmost expression of the company philosophy is an accurate selection within the wine varieties that can fully emphasise the uniqueness of their origin. To give some examples: Ribolla Gialla di Oslavia, Murno Chardonnay, Gmajne Sauvignon Blanc, Belvedere Tocai Friulano, Klin Collio Bianco Riserva (White blend), Metamorfosis Collio Rosso Riserva (Red blend). Today, Silvestro Primosic keeps on running the business with his sons Boris Primosic, who is in charge of administration and cellar, and Marko Primosic, who plans the winery’s activities and is in charge of sales.

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